How to get out of the ‘comparison trap’ and stop worrying about your competition

When you first started your business, the only thing stopping you from creating your dream was you – and it should stay that way. Keeping an eye on your competitors is likely to diminish your success AND focus. I’ve put together my top tips to keep you focused on your end of things, rather than your competitors!

  1. If your business is younger than someone else’s, then it’s simple – stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s establishment!
  2. Unfollow them! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it.
  3. Celebrate your successes – don’t fall into the trap of spite for another’s.
  4. Focus on your positives – keep setting your goals, keep specializing in what you specialize in, and repeat positive affirmations.
  5. Stop comparing to other successful competitors, and learn from then instead! What strategies can you take onboard from them?

It’s just not worth getting caught up and kicking yourself from comparison. Differentiate your business, build your brand consistency and have gratitude for everything you have achieved so far. What you send out comes radiating back out to you – so make sure it’s plenty of positivity.

How to Easily Build Client Loyalty

So you’re getting new clients in, which is hard enough. But actually keeping them? Even harder! Providing just a great experience and service does not cut it these days. You need to implement strategies to keep clients returning. Here are my proven techniques to build client loyalty and keep them rebooking! 

Get personal
Hun’, darl’ and love just doesn’t cut it, it really isn’t that professional. Your clients have names – use them! Addressing your clients by their names establishes a sense of importance and builds a personal link with them.

Introduce yourself & let them know what you are doing
It’s more than just common courtesy – it’s a good habit to build. It makes your clients feel like that they are again, important, and that they also belong.

Remember special occasions and key points in conversation
If the treatment permits, chat with your clients. It builds rapport and develops a connection between client and the therapist/stylist etc. Your client will be impressed if next appointment you remember to ask about how that big meeting went, or how that function was on the weekend!

Follow Up
Following up with your clients is a gentle reminder of your services/products and shows a side of care from your end. Not only does it provide a chance to keep building rapport, but also offers a possibility for feedback.

Ask if they’d like to rebook
Seems simple, right? But are you actually practicing it?

Why Facial Clients are your Salons Precious Gem

I am going to cut to the chase here. Clients who have facials are interested in long term and ongoing care of their skin. They know and value the importance of having good skin. Chances are, they are more likely to agree to treatment add on’s, skin prescriptions and results driven packages and products.

Is your ideal client one who is pleased to spend money? Hold on to your facial clients – they are your precious gems that are easiest to retail to, and most likely to buy your products!

Through my years running successful day spas I have developed and implemented a kick ass retailing dialogue that really works. It’s easy to remember, straight to the point, does not shove products down the client’s throat, and tugs at the client’s emotions and skin care goals.

Through this, I’ve transformed therapists with no retailing skills and no confidence, right into sale gurus. I’ve had gift voucher clients walk out the door with an abundance of skin care products and most importantly, created returning facial clients.

Want to know how I’ve woven retail techniques into salon treatments? Wish that you could have all of your facial clients leaving with a handful of products? You need all the right tools. It isn’t just from sheer luck. You need my 4 Week Skin Educational Online Program, launching very soon!

Your Social Media Feed is DOOMED without these 3 steps!

Social media has rapidly become the forefront of contemporary marketing. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, such as radio advertisements, printing out flyers and so on, social media posting is measurable, easy to target your potential clients and a powerful tool useful for branding purposes. Hence the importance of maintaining an active and effective feed! The following tips have evolved from trial, error and sure-fire success. Here are my 3 steps to create an amazing feed that delivers your content effectively to clients:

  1. Plan plan plan! – It’s true when they say that not making a plan, is planning to fail. Create a social media plan for each of your social mediums and actually stick to it. The golden rule of social media marketing is a 30-60-10 ratio. 30% of content should be your own content (imagery, behind the scenes etc), 60% curated content (content other than your own, such as  relatable photos etc) and 10% your own promotional/advertising content.
  2. Interact and engage – Tag, mention, regram, retweet, like, comment share and follow. Make it genuine too. Not only is this exposure, but also opens the door for networking and building relationships with your clients.
  3. Enable reviews – What’s the first thing that a potential client will reach for, after having a strong consideration towards your services? Reviews! Reviews will show off just how brilliant your salon is. Don’t fear negative reviews either – handling them positively and professionally is another indication to future clients that you take customer service online seriously.

That’s not all that you need for a phenomenal feed, but is enough to get you on the right track. If you want to know how marketers and branding experts use social media, you need to complete my MBA Mastermind Course where I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need for a huge following that will get you more sales and bookings. You’ll find clients that you never knew existed!

Transform your Employees into Brand Ambassadors with these easy steps

Sure, you’ve got amazing visuals that you’ve spent hundreds on graphic designers for, you’ve got a stunning salon set up and an eye catching window display. Tick, tick tick, you’re probably nailing it in the aesthetics and visual appeal department!

But I bet there’s one element that you’re struggling to emulate your brand in – and that’s through your staff. Yes, the visual appeal of your branding is critical. But your staff plays just as big of a role! Your staff reinforces your brand to every single client that walks through your door. That’s a lot of responsibility, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there. Your staff even further reinforces your brand outside of the salon too – all around the proximity of your salon, before and after work hours and while running salon errands.

Make your branding even stronger by transforming your employees into brand ambassadors, through these simple steps:

  1. Pride in appearance – As the saying goes “you wouldn’t trust a hairdresser with terrible hair”. Your employees need to practice what they preach! All about the ‘brows’ in your salon? Then it’s probably best that your employees work with what they have, and have show stopping brows too. The same goes for hair, nails and so on. You want your clients to put their trust into your employees.
  2. Shift in attitude – Would you enjoy a salon treatment with an ill-mannered therapist? Probably not! Employee attitude is crucial in strengthening your brand. Set instructions, dialogues and conversational prompters for your employees to follow with clients. Support your employees to be warm, friendly and always smiling. Encourage your employees to replicate this outside if the salon premises too. Before you know you’ll have clients always who associate your staff as friendly, welcoming and always smiling too.
  3. Allow your employees to go the extra mile – Recognise a job well done with your employees with incentives and appraisals. Recognition programs within your salon will create a sense of pride and responsibility with your employees. Not only that, but a happy employee will do you more good than one that is not.

Discover the rest of my proven and successful staff branding steps by downloading my 12 Week Program – Re building your Salon into a profitable business!



Why Branding is the Key to any Salon’s Success

Think of a large global brand – for instance, Nike.

What thoughts/associations come to mind when you think of Nike? Perhaps top range footwear and clothing for exercise, world star athletes and active lifestyles. I bet it didn’t take much for you to think of these or similar!

Those specific associations show the success of excellent branding. Nike has made customers a promise and installed an emotional, visual and experiential reputation.

This is the key to branding. Promising individuals a set standard, via excelling in attitudes, apparel, music, art, sights, sounds, services, courtesy and so on.

Replicating these ideals through all elements of business can be challenging. Are your staff practicing these ideals? Are these ideals echoed in your social media streams or website?

Why does consistent branding matter? For starters, you want to differentiate your salon from others. You want to fill up those empty appointments! You also probably want a larger clientele base and higher client retention too. Your brand = your salon’s image.

Now think for a moment – what would come to clients minds if they were asked about thoughts/associations of your salon? Is it mixed? Would it be something inconsistent, like “budget salon yet with a combination of expensive products”? Or would they think, “high end salon, yet staff with no passion for the industry”? It doesn’t add up. You want something clear and cemented. You need a hit brand and image for your salon!

The salon industry is competitive. Believe me, I know! Do you want to know the secret to beating the competition? Differentiation through branding will be the cutting edge reason someone will choose your salon over another.

Struggling to identify your salon’s brand and image? Want to know how you can create and implement a killer branding strategy? I can help you achieve this. Check out my MBA Mastermind Program – A small group program for like-minded Salon owners.



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