MBA Mastermind Program – A small group program for like-minded Salon owners

Ready to become a financially independent and stop working in your salon?

In just over a few years I have built a brand and business from the ground up into a million dollar business. Unlike me, you don’t have to go through all the ups and downs. Trial and error was a huge component to my success, as my husband personally didn’t think a business coach could assist. I think what he really meant, is that he had faith that I had the skill set, passion and drive to keep going and find solutions without the assistance of someone else. Personally, I feel I would have achieved my goals a lot sooner if I had someone to firstly:

1. Keep me accountable, and
2. Share their experience and advice with me, instead of making mistakes and spending money on things that simply weren’t necessary.

It can be a little lonely being a salon owner! Becoming a part of a tight net group such as the MBA Masterminds Program will give you the opportunity to join a tight knit group environment. You’ll be apart of an awesome platform where ideas can bounce off one another and share the same excitement when you reach your targets.

Let me just say, I get it! I have been there, I’ve have been at rock bottom..

I’ve had staff taking a higher wage than myself most weeks.
I have been at the point of stressing about how I’m going to afford staff wages.
I have let staff walk all over me.
I wasn’t accountable or didn’t hold my staff accountable.
I spent money like it was going out of fashion!

Sound familiar? If so stop the cycle, it’s your time to shine. It’s your turn to earn more, it’s your turn to work fewer hours, it’s your turn to create productive staff…it’s all about working smarter not harder.

Our MBA Mastermind sold out at the end of last year, I only commit to a small amount of salon owners that are ready to take the leap. Get ready to start making some serious cash!

What we’ll be covering in the program:

Month One

  • Goal Setting – Uncovering your own potential.
  • Business Health Assessment.

Month Two

  • Your Niche and Desired Clientele.
  • Knowing your brand.

Month Three

  • Staff motivation and incentives.
  • Reaching sales targets.

Month Four

  • Client Retention – Developing and implementing strategies.
  • How to build an effective CRM System.

Month Five

  • How to target new clientele using social media.
  • Start building your own tribe.

Month Six

  • Understand different personalities and your management style.
  • Planning Ahead – Create a kick ass 12-month marketing campaign.

What’s included in the program:

  • 1 hour 30 min live fortnightly group calls with a live Q&A.
  • Private monthly 1 hour skype session with email follow up (6 of these in total).
  • Access to private Salon Tribe – The exclusive Ashlee Laura Facebook group “Salon Tribe”
  • Access to industry experts.
  • 12 Module Course.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 Months

Author Information

Ashlee LauraAshlee Laura

6 months of Coaching

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Weekly Payments

per week for 26 weeks
26 weeks of access
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