Re-building your Salon into a profitable business!

Are you sick of working in your salon?

Do you feel like a broken record, always repeating yourself to your staff?

Are you truly maximising your potential income with every client that comes through your doors?

As you will discover, I am straight to the point. Although my background is in Marketing and brand development, I do understand what it’s like being an extremely busy salon owner. With the non-stop action that happens as a business owner, you don’t have time to read why this program will work for you.

What I will tell you though, is that you will receive the tools needed to tackle the ever frustrating issues that most salon owners deal, or don’t deal with on a daily basis.

What will YOU get out of my 12-week program…

  • Develop a strategic marketing plan to target new clientele.
  • Understand your business figures – how much is your salon really costing you?
  • Create hype and learn how to get people talking about your brand.
  • Learn how to capitalise and earn $$$ via social media.
  • Get every client walking out with a product!
  • Learn how to hold your team accountable.
  • Increase client retention rates.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 Weeks

Difficulty: Beginner

Author Information

Ashlee LauraAshlee Laura