How to get out of the ‘comparison trap’ and stop worrying about your competition

When you first started your business, the only thing stopping you from creating your dream was you – and it should stay that way. Keeping an eye on your competitors is likely to diminish your success AND focus. I’ve put together my top tips to keep you focused on your end of things, rather than your competitors!

  1. If your business is younger than someone else’s, then it’s simple – stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s establishment!
  2. Unfollow them! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it.
  3. Celebrate your successes – don’t fall into the trap of spite for another’s.
  4. Focus on your positives – keep setting your goals, keep specializing in what you specialize in, and repeat positive affirmations.
  5. Stop comparing to other successful competitors, and learn from then instead! What strategies can you take onboard from them?

It’s just not worth getting caught up and kicking yourself from comparison. Differentiate your business, build your brand consistency and have gratitude for everything you have achieved so far. What you send out comes radiating back out to you – so make sure it’s plenty of positivity.

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