How to Easily Build Client Loyalty

So you’re getting new clients in, which is hard enough. But actually keeping them? Even harder! Providing just a great experience and service does not cut it these days. You need to implement strategies to keep clients returning. Here are my proven techniques to build client loyalty and keep them rebooking! 

Get personal
Hun’, darl’ and love just doesn’t cut it, it really isn’t that professional. Your clients have names – use them! Addressing your clients by their names establishes a sense of importance and builds a personal link with them.

Introduce yourself & let them know what you are doing
It’s more than just common courtesy – it’s a good habit to build. It makes your clients feel like that they are again, important, and that they also belong.

Remember special occasions and key points in conversation
If the treatment permits, chat with your clients. It builds rapport and develops a connection between client and the therapist/stylist etc. Your client will be impressed if next appointment you remember to ask about how that big meeting went, or how that function was on the weekend!

Follow Up
Following up with your clients is a gentle reminder of your services/products and shows a side of care from your end. Not only does it provide a chance to keep building rapport, but also offers a possibility for feedback.

Ask if they’d like to rebook
Seems simple, right? But are you actually practicing it?

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