Why Facial Clients are your Salons Precious Gem

I am going to cut to the chase here. Clients who have facials are interested in long term and ongoing care of their skin. They know and value the importance of having good skin. Chances are, they are more likely to agree to treatment add on’s, skin prescriptions and results driven packages and products.

Is your ideal client one who is pleased to spend money? Hold on to your facial clients – they are your precious gems that are easiest to retail to, and most likely to buy your products!

Through my years running successful day spas I have developed and implemented a kick ass retailing dialogue that really works. It’s easy to remember, straight to the point, does not shove products down the client’s throat, and tugs at the client’s emotions and skin care goals.

Through this, I’ve transformed therapists with no retailing skills and no confidence, right into sale gurus. I’ve had gift voucher clients walk out the door with an abundance of skin care products and most importantly, created returning facial clients.

Want to know how I’ve woven retail techniques into salon treatments? Wish that you could have all of your facial clients leaving with a handful of products? You need all the right tools. It isn’t just from sheer luck. You need my 4 Week Skin Educational Online Program, launching very soon!

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