Your Social Media Feed is DOOMED without these 3 steps!

Social media has rapidly become the forefront of contemporary marketing. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, such as radio advertisements, printing out flyers and so on, social media posting is measurable, easy to target your potential clients and a powerful tool useful for branding purposes. Hence the importance of maintaining an active and effective feed! The following tips have evolved from trial, error and sure-fire success. Here are my 3 steps to create an amazing feed that delivers your content effectively to clients:

  1. Plan plan plan! – It’s true when they say that not making a plan, is planning to fail. Create a social media plan for each of your social mediums and actually stick to it. The golden rule of social media marketing is a 30-60-10 ratio. 30% of content should be your own content (imagery, behind the scenes etc), 60% curated content (content other than your own, such as  relatable photos etc) and 10% your own promotional/advertising content.
  2. Interact and engage – Tag, mention, regram, retweet, like, comment share and follow. Make it genuine too. Not only is this exposure, but also opens the door for networking and building relationships with your clients.
  3. Enable reviews – What’s the first thing that a potential client will reach for, after having a strong consideration towards your services? Reviews! Reviews will show off just how brilliant your salon is. Don’t fear negative reviews either – handling them positively and professionally is another indication to future clients that you take customer service online seriously.

That’s not all that you need for a phenomenal feed, but is enough to get you on the right track. If you want to know how marketers and branding experts use social media, you need to complete my MBA Mastermind Course where I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need for a huge following that will get you more sales and bookings. You’ll find clients that you never knew existed!

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