Transform your Employees into Brand Ambassadors with these easy steps

Sure, you’ve got amazing visuals that you’ve spent hundreds on graphic designers for, you’ve got a stunning salon set up and an eye catching window display. Tick, tick tick, you’re probably nailing it in the aesthetics and visual appeal department!

But I bet there’s one element that you’re struggling to emulate your brand in – and that’s through your staff. Yes, the visual appeal of your branding is critical. But your staff plays just as big of a role! Your staff reinforces your brand to every single client that walks through your door. That’s a lot of responsibility, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there. Your staff even further reinforces your brand outside of the salon too – all around the proximity of your salon, before and after work hours and while running salon errands.

Make your branding even stronger by transforming your employees into brand ambassadors, through these simple steps:

  1. Pride in appearance – As the saying goes “you wouldn’t trust a hairdresser with terrible hair”. Your employees need to practice what they preach! All about the ‘brows’ in your salon? Then it’s probably best that your employees work with what they have, and have show stopping brows too. The same goes for hair, nails and so on. You want your clients to put their trust into your employees.
  2. Shift in attitude – Would you enjoy a salon treatment with an ill-mannered therapist? Probably not! Employee attitude is crucial in strengthening your brand. Set instructions, dialogues and conversational prompters for your employees to follow with clients. Support your employees to be warm, friendly and always smiling. Encourage your employees to replicate this outside if the salon premises too. Before you know you’ll have clients always who associate your staff as friendly, welcoming and always smiling too.
  3. Allow your employees to go the extra mile – Recognise a job well done with your employees with incentives and appraisals. Recognition programs within your salon will create a sense of pride and responsibility with your employees. Not only that, but a happy employee will do you more good than one that is not.

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