Why Branding is the Key to any Salon’s Success

Think of a large global brand – for instance, Nike.

What thoughts/associations come to mind when you think of Nike? Perhaps top range footwear and clothing for exercise, world star athletes and active lifestyles. I bet it didn’t take much for you to think of these or similar!

Those specific associations show the success of excellent branding. Nike has made customers a promise and installed an emotional, visual and experiential reputation.

This is the key to branding. Promising individuals a set standard, via excelling in attitudes, apparel, music, art, sights, sounds, services, courtesy and so on.

Replicating these ideals through all elements of business can be challenging. Are your staff practicing these ideals? Are these ideals echoed in your social media streams or website?

Why does consistent branding matter? For starters, you want to differentiate your salon from others. You want to fill up those empty appointments! You also probably want a larger clientele base and higher client retention too. Your brand = your salon’s image.

Now think for a moment – what would come to clients minds if they were asked about thoughts/associations of your salon? Is it mixed? Would it be something inconsistent, like “budget salon yet with a combination of expensive products”? Or would they think, “high end salon, yet staff with no passion for the industry”? It doesn’t add up. You want something clear and cemented. You need a hit brand and image for your salon!

The salon industry is competitive. Believe me, I know! Do you want to know the secret to beating the competition? Differentiation through branding will be the cutting edge reason someone will choose your salon over another.

Struggling to identify your salon’s brand and image? Want to know how you can create and implement a killer branding strategy? I can help you achieve this. Check out my MBA Mastermind Program – A small group program for like-minded Salon owners.



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